OH, To Be Black & Golden / Bloom Where You Stand

Illustrations by Bobby Rogers


“Her pedestal will be high and mighty, and her melanin will be like water to the fiery things orbiting our spheres. Bedtime stories will be read under star-filled canopies, and we will nickname new planets for her…I will teach her that the flick of her wrist will incite riots, that her grandfather walked away from a job when he was made to feel less than Black…that she needs no definition, or declarations, that she can be president or senator or mother or flower or spaceship or super hero or avid comic book collector or candle flame thrower or home. Yes, she can be home to villages and thunderstorms and cosmos. Her mass, I will tell her, is mighty, massive, and holds weight. And that she was birthed by blossoms and creaky radiators and born into the sky and out of a womb breaded with the sacred sound of her heartbeat.”   – Joel Leon / Things I Will Tell My Daughter